Treatment and Prevention Services

Sterile Science provides surface treatment to reduce spread of viruses

Preventative Treatment


Even with proper maintenance, surfaces will become re-contaminated with various pathogens in between cleanings. Sterile Science now offers treatment with a MicrobeCare, a proprietary quaternary ammonium bonding solution. MicrobeCare bonds to inert surfaces and provides persistent antimicrobial activity. Importantly, the microscopic coating is not removed by regular cleaning products, offering lasting protection from a variety of pathogens.

MicrobeCare is an EPA-registered antimicrobial and is effective against emerging viral threats including the COVID-19 coronavirus. Clinical studies have shown that surfaces treated with MicrobeCare provide significant reduction/ suppression of selective health care-associated pathogens on inert clinical surfaces compared to untreated control surfaces.

Sterile Science can apply this important, preventative treatment throughout even the largest facilities using state-of-the art electrostatic sprayers.

Disinfecting Surfaces

Sterile Science can also provide targeted treatment to specific risk areas or high-touch surfaces.

Disinfecting Door Handle

Sterile Science provides another level of protection in your overall infection control program.

Disinfecting Water Fountains
Disinfecting Phone Equipment
Cubicle Office Cleaning

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