The Number One Source of Cleanroom Contamination is You

There are many sources of contamination in your clean environment: Material and production supplies that are brought into the facility can be a source of foreign matter. Even the in-place equipment and surfaces can generate contamination via friction, heat and out-gassing.

However, no source is more prevalent than the human factor. Human beings continually generate an astonishing amount of particulate. A cleanroom technician standing still can generate 500,000 particles per minute. Walk across the room and the number skyrockets to 10,000,000 particles per minute!

Proper training, technique and apparel can mitigate some of the risk. However, humans are variable and so are the results. Contamination in the cleanroom is inevitable and the need to clean is a reality.

Sterile Science is a leader in cleanroom cleaning. We provide scheduled service from daily maintenance to annual supercleans. We are also available for event driven cleaning such as construction, shut-downs and disasters.

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