Pharmaceutical manufacturers must minimize the risk of product contamination from environmental microorganisms and cross-contamination during change-overs operations. Pharmaceutical companies and contract manufacturers that operate under USP and ISO guidelines require proven and verifiable decontamination protocols.

Sterile Science cleaning services and Dry Fog sterilization can maximize yields and minimize production risks. From start to finish, Sterile Science provides complete documentation to meet all client requirements and ensure regulatory compliance.


Sterile Science decontamination services provide bioburden reduction in research, lab and production areas. Our Dry Fog service provides a pathogen-free environment through the six log reduction of biological organisms, including bacteria, viruses, mold, and spores. Regular application can eliminate cross-contamination be between experiments and maintain R&D efficiency.

Service is available on a periodic or project specific basis.

Life Sciences

The lab animal and life sciences industry require cleaning solutions that are safe for employees, animals, equipment and the environment. Sterile Science decontamination and sterilization services are carefully designed to meet client SOPs. Both airborne and surface contamination can be addressed using the Sterile Science Dry Fog system. From emergency situations to annual certification, Sterile Science is ready to assist in this delicate environment.


Sterile Science provides disinfection and sterilization services for patient rooms and operating suites. Services can range from routine terminal cleaning after each patient to weekly or monthly decontamination. The Sterile Science Dry Fog process reaches every surface from floor to ceiling, ensuring a completely sterile area.

Clean Manufacturing

Product yield, safety, and customer satisfaction drive more products to be produced in some kind of clean manufacturing environment. The unique nature of such facilities means cleaning and maintenance activities are closely aligned with critical environment cleaning.. Whether you application is medical device assembly or plastic beverage bottle manufacturing, or anything else, Sterile Science technicians can keep it clean and keep your yield high.


Commercial cannabis cultivation and processing requires constant vigilence. Every effort must be made to control opportunistic pathogens, spores and microbes. The Sterile Science Dry Fog process can eliminate mold and fungus from the processing room, equipment and the plants themselves. Crop loss from powdery mildew, gray mold, blight and others contaminants can be greatly reduced.