Facility Disinfection Services

Sterile Science is a trusted name in critical cleaning and bio-decontamination of sterile and aseptic environments. In response to coronavirus and the COVID-19 pandemic, Sterile Science is offering an expanded array of disinfection services.

Sterile Science now provides cleaning and disinfection services for all areas of your facility. From the cleanroom to the boardroom, Sterile Science solutions are designed to maintain a safe work environment. Most importantly, disinfecting by Sterile Science gives your employees confidence and peace of mind.

Sterile Science's microbiologist and operations team have been testing and evaluating disinfectant products and application methods to deliver appropriate efficacy without damaging sensitive equipment and surfaces – whether we are disinfecting offices, warehouses, or specialty technical areas such as laboratories and cleanrooms. The result of this effort is a solution set which is not only efficient and effective but appropriate for the various environments within your facility.

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Lunch Break Room Disinfection
Office Cubicles Desks Disinfection
Lab Area

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